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Updating Easy Videos plug-in

I said I want to go to the 3.0 version, but this new version will take long time as I have to rewrite almost everything.  In the while, the pages that use Gesbit (a few, but there are some) need to be up and working.

One of those pages is El Saloncito del Cómic, a coffee&library specialised in comic books sited in the same place the studio where I work.  Such page needs multimedia as videos and images.  As you know, Gesbit support for multimedia stuff is almost unexistent, except for a few add-ons... And they doesn't work properly!  So I'm working to fix that.

First I've updated the Easy Videos plug-in.  YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo now use the modern API.  I don't know about the other sites supported, may be I'll update them later.  Also, I've reformatted the code, so it is smaller and I think more easy to maintain.

In a near future I want to add a new plug-in similar to the Easy Videos but to be used with on-line galleries such as Instagram, Flickr and so.

Once finished, I'll create a new plug-in package with them.  Until that, you can take a look and download the changes from the code repository. Also you can suggest or send me changes and updates to the plug-ins.  Just put a message in the comments.

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1 #Leo Published on 10/2/2016 15:53 PM

I know this is kind of off-topic but, do you play to stay in sourceforge? I'm asking because a lot of people are using github nowadays and gesbit could get more exposure there (anda maybe some pull requests from people interested in the project).

Just an idea.

2 #Ñuño Martínez Published on 12/2/2016 12:25 PM

Yes, I know, GitHub is the thrend now, and SourceForge have bad reputation lately.  But I've read about GIT and I don't like it a lot.  I know that GitHub has a SVN but I'm not sure.

I was using SourceForge for many years an I have few problems, and I've think about to move my various projects to other places, but I didn't decide anything yet.

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