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So, here we are again.

About six years after release the 2.0, here we are again working on the Gesbit web blog manager.  If you follow the SVN repository, you see some small improvements, including the new version of the default gbSimple theme, much more HTML5, and a new English language available.  All these changes will be released soon as version 2.0.1 (actually it should be version 1.10.1, but David did messed up with the version stuff).

Also, there are a lot of stuff planned, enough to call it version 3.0.0.  Main core will be rewriten with new internal API wich will include more data base manager support (i.e. Interbase, Oracle and more), as well as a public API that should make it easy to integrate Gesbit with other web-based applications. But as I've said this is a long-term planned stuff.

At the moment, version 2.0.1 (WIP) is available at SVN TRUNK (You can download a snapshot), and soon will be available for download.

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