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To GIT or not to GIT

Some days ago, Leo has posted a comment asking why does Gesbit stay in SourceForge. I answered that I know that GitHub is the trend and SourceForge have a bad reputation, but I prefer SVN over GIT and SourceForge did work for many years.

Later I found that new owners of SourceForge posted an article in his blog one day before Leo posted his comment. You can read it; they recognize SourceForge's bad reputation problem, and talks about planning how to fix it. And they started by terminating the DevShare program, which was one of the main sources of that bad reputation. They also promised that there will be more changes in the future.

That means I'll keep my SourceForge projects here for a while.

Thinking next step

Yesterday I was testing and updating a plug-in that helps the video insertion on articles to be used in El Saloncito del Cómic weblog.

The point is that I think it is one of those times when you have to decide. As I said in the first entry, version 3.0 was included in my plans since I rescued the project, however I'm postponing it while current version can be improved.  There are gaps that are difficult to improve without breaking the current code, such as to only allow the use of MySQL/MariaDB data bases, or filter some HTML5 tags as unwanted, whatever to be put into the configuration, plus some discomforts that do not prevent logs malfunction but aren't comfortable to use and update (the latter refers not only to update entries but also the modification of the source code) . For example, if Gesbit had a simple system to add images, and I know it can be added an extension I think this feature would be more efficient if it is part of core manager instead of as an addition.

So, surely I'll create a new development branch and start the planning and development of the core of this new version 3.0 of Gesbit soon.