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Added Wiki pages and Tickets

I know I've said I would work on version 3 but Real Lifetm didn't let me have a lot of free time, you know work, family, friends...

Anyway I've finished a milestone in a long-term project and I decided it is time to change a bit.  Also this long-term project needs a new website and I should fix my personal blog, so I will spend some time in Gesbit in the next months.  It won't be enough for the new full-fledged version it needs but it should be enough to improve the current one, may be some plugin improvement and bug-fixing if I can, but at least some documentation updates.

So I started easy by adding two services to the project.

The Wiki pages

A problem with Gesbit is the lack of documentation.  So to try to fix that I've open the Wiki pages.  Any SourceForge user should be able to create and modify pages (I hope I've configured it correctly).  Let see how it works.

At the moment there's only one page but I'll add more soon.  I'm doing a research about the stuff I need for the website updates I'll do and the bugs I've added to the ticket system, so I'll add new pages with everything I discover.

As the wiki evolves I would extract some text to create a proper documentation to add to future releases.

The Tickets

Some time ago I started to use Trello, an on-line project management tool.  I'm not used to project management tools but after a time learning I've found it quite useful and helpful even with personal and one-member-team projects.  Then I started to experiment with SourceForge tikets in that long-term project I was talking about.

So now I've activated two ticket services for Gesbit.  There's one for Bugs and the other for Feature Requests.  Any SourceForge user can create and comment tickets so feel free to use them.

I've added some bug issues, two that I want to fix and other two quite desirable.  I have also some ideas for new features but I'll not add to the Feature Request list yet.  I have no date for these changes but you can join the RSS if you're interested.

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